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19 Jan

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By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

Conventional wisdom says that shapewear is only worn by the less-active among us, those who aren’t able to achieve the looks we want through a combination of diet and exercise.  But after listening to a lot of stories from many of my coworkers, I’ve discovered that there’s increasingly good reason to challenge this notion.  The truth is that, with their new technology, shapewear garments are making the move from the office, supermarket, and fancy restaurant to the sports field, bike path, and ski slope.  They’re being used unexpectedly as baselayers and fit shorts in a variety of activities, in ways having nothing to do with their intended functions. Typically, these clever applications are the brain children of teenage girls – the daughters of today’s conventional shapewear consumers.

According to my sources, light control shaping garments are being creatively worn for the following sports and activities:


Light control, and daywear, boy shorts with silicone edges apparently withstand the movement of the dances, jumps, and gymnastics associated with cheerleading and stay in place. After a local cheer squad was outfitted with these “new bloomers,” their comfort and confidence were taken to a higher level.  They no longer have to fear getting wedgies while perched on top of pyramids.

Skiing and Snowboarding.

Lightweight, light control pantliners with silicone edges seem to provide all the warmth and ease of mobility needed for girls to comfortably enjoy these exciting, cold-weather activities.  The silicone allows the pant to stay put through all of the wearer’s twists, turns, and tumbles.

Field Hockey.

As on the slopes, lightweight, light control pantliners with silicone edges stay in place as the players move up and down the field.  Of course, unlike skiing and snowboarding, this sports’ outer attire is somewhat revealing.  No problem.  The keen girl who wore these while playing hockey simply donned a nude-colored version right under her uniform’s skirt.  The leg of the garment hit below her shin guard; therefore, no one knew she was wearing it.  She had “a leg up” on all of her chilly competitors during her fall season.

Bike Riding.

Light control bike pants with silicone edges are finally fulfilling the destiny that their name inspires.  Of course, this is probably the least surprising of all the unconventional, athletic uses currently being seen.  These shorts are great for long rides, as they stay in place on the legs regardless of the repetitive cycling motion and provide a sleek, streamlined appearance.

Track and Field.

Speaking of streamlined appearances, light control long legs and pantliners with silicone edges are a superior alternative to warm-up suits and track pants.  They generate less wind resistance and allow a full range of motion during stretches and runs.  These “pants” are also problem-solvers for large-thighed runners who are prone to inner-thigh chafing and sweat rashes.  All wearers receive the performance advantage of muscle compression which keeps the muscles warm, and reduces muscle fatigue and cramping.

Marching Band.

Light control pantiliners with silicone edges are also perfect for the fall marching season because they add warmth, not bulk, to the standard school marching-band uniform.  The silicone edges allow them to stay comfortably in place, while the right color can make them virtually invisible – even when worn under white pants.

So, if you have a daughter who takes part in one of these activities (or any sport or active hobby), make sure to pass on the word that the girdles of their grandmothers have morphed into the competitive edge of their peers.

For which activity would you wear a piece of shapewear as activewear?

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