Intimate Anecdotes I


17 Dec

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Now That’s Customer Service

drop-your-pantsBy Rose Early
Cupid Intimates

Not too long ago, while merchandising some products in the intimate apparel section of a department store, a little old lady walked up to me.  Without hesitating, she pulled down her pants and asked me if I could find the girdle she was wearing.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Step Right Up

step-right-upBy Sandra Stager
Cupid Intimates

A disappointed customer came into the lingerie department of a store I was working in recently. She said that she thought she had purchased the perfect shaper to wear under her bridesmaid dress.  Unfortunately, she hadn’t tried the garment on in the store, or asked a sales associate for help or information about it.  Now, she wanted to return it because she couldn’t get it on over her head.  After listening to her story, I told her that the bra slip, with seamless cups and built-in panty, was meant to be stepped into and pulled up, not put on over the head. I asked her to take it into the fitting room and try it on again.  She did and was thrilled to find out that it fit like a glove.  Needless to say, she left the store a satisfied customer.


Have you ever returned an item of intimate apparel because you didn’t know the correct way to put it on or wear it?

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Give Me Five

give-me-fiveBy Elsa G-R.
Cupid Intimates

For those of you who think that shapewear is uncomfortable and would never try on anything that provided firm control or more, you’ll likely find the following hard to believe. While working in a store not too long ago, I helped a customer who was looking for a piece of extra-firm control shapewear. She wanted to smooth her midriff and thighs because she was going to a special occasion and wanted her dress to look sleek and beautiful.  I showed her a thigh slimmer.

After trying it on she said she loved it because it really did what I promised her it would do: reduce and smooth her midriff and thighs.  But I was surprised when she said she wanted a second one since I knew she was shopping for a one-time event.  It turned out that she wanted to wear a second one on top of the first one.  After putting on the second one over the first, she told me she was very happy with the results.  Amazing!  Most of us think that, when it comes to shapewear, there are only four levels of control (light, comfortable-firm, firm, and extra-firm).  On that day, however, I learned that maybe there’s room for a fifth – super-extra firm.

CC Image courtesy of Ben Helps on Flickr / CC BY 2.0
CC Image courtesy of audreyjm529 on Flickr / CC BY 2.0
CC Image courtesy of srboisvert on Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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