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64 Inspirations to Purchase Intimates

16 Mar

By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

It’s mid-March.  That means it’s tournament time.  The fashion world is on the verge of madness, eager to learn which problem will emerge victoriously in the 2010 Inspiration for Intimates Tournament and be recognized as this year’s number one reason that women buy intimate apparel.

As you know, hundreds of causes vie for the chance to be part of this field each year.  The tournament selection committee, as always, had a difficult job minimizing the number to sixty-four.  But early Sunday evening, they did just that.  It’s noteworthy that only fourteen of the Preseason Top 25 reasons ended the season by making it to the dance. […]

Bra Stories That Don’t Hold Up

11 Mar

By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

Over the past decade nothing’s fueled rumor and speculation more than the explosion of emails, blogs, and social-media postings found on the web.  Stories that used to be shared among friends and acquaintances in local communities now make their way around the world in a matter of minutes, their credibility bolstered by appearances in digital print (“it must be true since someone took the time to write it down”).  Questionable stories about even intimate apparel have gained currency and achieved “fact status” as a result of being told, retold, and referred to an innumerable number of times across the internet.  Four such stories involving bras have been particularly pervasive, so much so that they’ve attained notoriety as urban legends. […]

Shopping for Intimates Can Be a Bra Trek

9 Mar

By Nancy Miller
Cupid Intimates

Last week I spent Monday afternoon trying on bras in a department store.  Whatever happened to the days when sales associates would hang on your every request, and run back and forth across the sales floor to bring you anything you desired?  They used to offer to find other sizes or different styles while you tried on merchandise in the fitting room.  Last week, instead, it was my job – as the customer – to do the running and searching, in between reps of dressing and undressing.  I left the store empty-handed and exhausted. […]

Why Some Panties Fit So Poorly

4 Mar

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Naomi & Nicole®

Panties are often purchased for reasons of cuteness, rather than fit or function.  And recently, there’s been an explosion in cute panty presentation.  Walk into a store and you’ll find panties folded inside itty-bitty boxes, panties wrapped like hard candies in clear cellophane, and panties wound into globs and placed in plastic baking cups to look like cupcakes.  I’m as much of a sucker for great visual presentation as the next consumer, but nothing’s less satisfying than unwrapping those goodies and learning that they just don’t fit properly.  The wrong pair of panties can create lumps, bulges, and figure problems that draw unwanted attention to your backside, hips, and tummy.  Let’s discuss why panties aren’t “all for one and one for all.” […]