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Intimates to Turn Fashion World Inside Out in 2010

14 Jan

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

Woowee!  There are some super-sexy, lingerie-inspired looks in women’s fashion for spring 2010.  The trend continues.  Once again, innerwear will become outerwear in a big way.  Top brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, and Fendi have sent their sirens down the runway with very cheeky twists on ready-to-wear for next year. […]

How to Find Shapewear that Fits Properly

12 Jan

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

If you’ve gone browsing through the shapewear section of your department store, you may have found yourself doing a double take when looking at the size of the garments on the hangers.  You may even have been shocked enough to hold one up to your body and think to yourself, “Is this the wrong tag” or “This has got to be a mistake – isn’t that a child’s medium?”  A common mistake made by shapewear shoppers is upsizing a garment because it looks too small or fits too snugly. This is unfortunate, for wearing the wrong size will prevent you from getting the true functional benefits of the piece you’ve selected.  What follows is a set of steps to help you find shapewear that will fit you properly. […]

Intimate Anecdotes II

7 Jan

Happiness Can Be a Cinch

By Pippa B.
Miraclesuit® Shapewear

A while ago, I was visiting a department store and noticed a customer tentatively browsing through its lingerie department.  She stumbled into the shapewear pod, where she smacked into the waist cinchers and freaked out!  I approached her and struck up a conversation.  She said she had often heard about waist cinchers, had seen pictures of them, and had always wanted to try wearing them, but never knew they were actually available, out in the open, in the lingerie department of her local department store. They were accessible after all!
She was amazing. She tried on many sizes (to make sure she got the perfect fit) and, without any concern for the criticism of others, ran around the store showing me, and some of the other staff, her “before” and “after” figures. She was having a ball!  She bought one in nude and another in black, and was absolutely, positively going to make this her new must-have accessory.
She was so proud to be wearing them!  This experience really reminded me how the right shapewear can make a world of difference in a woman’s life.

Great Shapewear Fits You and Your Budget

5 Jan

By David Welsch
Cupid Intimates

A bargain on price isn’t a true bargain if it leaves you unsatisfied. If shapewear doesn’t improve your figure to the degree you expect, or isn’t comfortable enough for you to want to wear, it isn’t worth buying – regardless of its price. Fortunately, shapewear worth buying does exist to fit every budget. Depending on the price you’re willing to pay, you can find good shapewear, better shapewear, or the best shapewear available today. […]