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30 Nov

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By Rachel Rumsey
Cupid Intimates

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, get-togethers abound.  There’s ample opportunity to get dressed up, eat too much, and visit with co-workers, friends, and family, some of whom you haven’t seen for a while.  Such anticipated reunions may spark your desire to look svelte.  It’s always a bummer when you run across someone you haven’t seen for some time and feel like you don’t look your best.  And it’s always easier to enjoy yourself mingling at a party when you’re confident that you look fabulous.  That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your Holiday 2010 ensembles include the right pieces of shapewear.

Wearing shapewear during this time of year not only helps you look your best now, it can also help you look your best later.  Why?  Because wearing shapewear helps some women resist the temptation to overindulge.  The compression applied to the midriff and tummy by shapewear can help you feel fuller, faster.  It’s a great way to keep those holiday pounds at bay.  Of course, you’ll have to decide whether this tactic is right for you, but as any gal watching her waistline knows, any trick that can help is always appreciated.

In order to mix and mingle your way through your party calendar, you may select looks, based on what’s available in your closet or use holiday events as excuses to shop.  Regardless, legs and collarbones appear to be occupying the fashion spotlight these days.  So, for each event, let me suggest that you choose whether you want to show off your bottom or top half, and leave the other half to everyone’s imagination.

Legs are getting lots of attention due to the current popularity of leggings and mini-skirts.  The tight leggings, and jeggings, that many modern gals are wearing might make you wish your legs were more toned (or maybe just not so cold.)  If so, try a pantliner to create a smoother, firmer (and warmer) look.  (Make sure you are wearing leggings and not tights.  I saw a girl recently wearing tights like leggings, so she really wasn’t wearing any pants at all!)  Your pantliner should fit well, and incorporate no-ride, no-line technology to stay put and smooth.  This is important since you’ll be wearing a pantliner to achieve a sleek look, not to add weird bumps to your silhouette.  Mini-skirts are another option you can use to showcase your legs.  If you want to ensure the best views from all directions, try a hi-waist bike short that lifts your rear.  After all, if you’re wearing a mini-skirt, you want to look good.  If you are showing off your legs in a mini or pair of leggings, make sure your top is more conservative.  That way, fellow party-goers won’t sarcastically ask themselves what your evening rate is.

If choosing to highlight your upper half while sipping eggnog, consider carefully how best to showcase it.  If you’re wearing a strapless garment to highlight your shoulders, I have two good options for you to consider.  You could wear a strapless bodybriefer (with or without long legs) which would allow you to wear only one undergarment.  Or, you could wear a bustier with a control brief or thigh slimmer.  Using separates makes visiting the powder room a bit easier.  They’re also good options if you’re short, tall, or have trouble matching your proportions to those of bodybriefers.  Just make sure that you’re aware of any gaps between your shaping garments so you don’t inadvertently create bread back or a muffin top.  If you’re tall, you can try wearing a hi-waist brief with your bustier to create a smooth transition from one garment to the other.  Both of these options will slim your appearance and help you look very sophisticated.

This December, regardless of whether you attend a casual, mulled-cider Bunco party, or a glitzy cocktail soirée, shapewear will help you feel and look you best.  Depending on your outfit and desired comfort level, you’ll have many options from which to choose.  Of course, if you’re attending an Ugly Sweater Party, you probably won’t need any shapewear; but most other looks will benefit from its addition.  If you’ve never worn shapewear before, you may worry that it’ll be very uncomfortable.  Don’t.   If you wear the right size, and pick a garment with good fit adjustability, you’ll have no trouble looking and feeling great all night long.  As 2011 approaches, remember to rock your party look by turning to shapewear to smooth out the lumps, enhance your self-confidence, and allow others to admire your holiday cheer.

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