Make Sure the Fit of Your Shapewear Is Adjustable


1 Dec

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2919026770_c3076be3b7By Adam Welsch
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All women aren’t shaped alike.  Though aware of this, shapewear manufacturers face limitations; they can’t create an unlimited number of patterns for each size of every shapewear style they produce.  Every woman who wears a certain size, and wants a certain style, must buy the same garment.  It’s inevitable, then, that one product will feel differently to different women.  Some will find it comfortable, others won’t.

However, when fit adjustability is designed into a shapewear style, more women receive its smoothing, slimming, and/or shaping benefits, while feeling comfortable at the same time.

What’s fit adjustability?  Simply put, it’s the ability of a piece of shapewear to stretch in various ways to accommodate different body dimensions within the boundaries of a particular size.  Such changes allow the same garment to fit comfortably on two different women, or on one woman who, over time, has changes occur to the size and shape of her body.

There are many reasons why fit adjustability is so important.  Of course, no two mediums (or any size) are exactly the same.  Differences among women of the same overall size can result from measurement differences both inside and outside of the bust, waist, and hip areas.  For example, they can result from differences in height.  Some women are short, while others are tall. Some have long torsos and short legs; others have short torsos and long legs.  And many women have “in-between” measurements that make “in-between” sizes better fits.  Someone might be a true 36 ½, not a 36.  Since manufacturers can’t create an infinite number of sizes, garments that have some size flexibility are more comfortable to more women.

Also, the shape of a woman’s body is not fixed.  Since very few people maintain exactly the same weight over time, it stands to reason that most women’s sizing needs change from week to week and month to month.  Buying garments with fit adjustability means that putting on, or taking off, a few pounds won’t require a trip to the lingerie department.  Of course, fit adjustability also helps a garment to fit well before, during, and after meals.

In addition, today’s active lifestyles mean that most bodies are in constant motion.  Such activity changes body shape from moment to moment, which can put strain on various points on a piece of shapewear.  The more fit adjustability that’s built into a garment, the more comfortable it will feel over time to the same woman, engaged in a wider range of activities.  And whether talking about the benefits that apply to a greater number of women of the same size, or to one woman over an extended period of time, greater fit adjustability ensures that a garment will consistently provide the shaping, controlling, and/or smoothing it was designed to deliver.

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The fabric flexibility that comes with fit adjustability also helps prevent shapewear from riding up or rolling down, something that’s among the most common complaints from today’s lingerie consumers.

And here’s something else to consider.  By definition, shapewear is made of fabric that provides some degree of constriction.  As anyone who’s ever worn shapewear knows, putting some on is not quite as easy as putting on a pair of cotton PJs.  But garments that incorporate some fit adjustability will most assuredly be easier to put on and take off than those that don’t.

So how do you find shapewear that’s made with fit adjustability?  Here are three tips:

  1. Some fabrics are simply more elastic than others.  When evaluating a piece of shapewear, stretch its fabric in your hands before trying it on.  This can give you a good idea of its ability to stretch on your body.
  2. Look closely at the way that control panels are built into a garment.  If they’re sewn into its seams, or glued rigidly in place, they might prevent the garment’s main fabric from adjusting as you’d like.  Try to find garments that have spacing both between panels, and between panels and seams.  This will provide “releases” that will enable that garment to better adjust to your unique shape.  Also, look for panels that are held in place only on their edges.  That will allow the panels themselves to stretch and adjust to your body.
  3. Instead of buying standard waistline briefs or long legs, look for those made with adjustable rises, allowing you to place the waistband at your waist or above it – without worrying about it rolling down.

This is the twenty-first century.  Your grandmother’s girdles are a thing of the past.  You no longer have to adjust to your shapewear; you can find shapewear that will adjust to you.  The combination of comfort and performance that such garments can deliver is truly remarkable, and turns occasional wearers into loyal customers year after year.

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CC Image courtesy of ndrwfgg on Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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